I'm a writer, teacher, and radio producer; author of the poetry chapbook Glances Back and co-author of Powerful Ideas in Teaching: Creating Environments Where Students Want to Learn.

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"I tell you this

to break your heart,

by which I mean only

that it break open and never close again

to the rest of the world."

--Mary Oliver, "Lead"


See what teachers are saying about Powerful Ideas in Teaching:


"I left this book encouraged and challenged to be the best I can be for the students I teach."
     — Jason Collins, 8th grade Language Arts, Menomonie Middle School, Menomonie, Wisconsin

"This book should be required reading for all teachers."
     — Stephen Johnson, Science Teacher, Sterling High School, Sterling, IL

"There are stories and advice here from which every reflective teacher can benefit—insight into our students, our methods, and ourselves, with ideas to create the positive learning environment for which every teacher is looking."
     — Bridget Dick, fifth grade teacher, Webster Middle School, Webster, Massachusetts